How I Practice Self Care as a Mother

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I have been on vacation, but now I am back, and I wanted to share a post on self care. As a mother as well as a student it can be hard finding time to look after myself. However, I wanted to share how I have been able to incorporate self-care into my daily life.

De-Stress throughout the Day

During the day, I take my daughter to kindergarten, work on my studies for my master’s program, as well as cook dinner and clean. At times it can seem overwhelming, but I found little things to do during the day to help me de-stress. No matter how busy my day is, I make sure to take an appropriate lunch break. I will often eat leftovers for lunch, but I will also have pasta, soup, sandwiches, or salads. While I am eating lunch, I will normally watch Netflix which is a nice break from spending the morning reading dense research articles. When I am cooking and cleaning, I will listen to music or an audiobook on Libby, which helps me relax after spending my day studying.


“Me Time” in the Evenings

After my daughter is home from kindergarten, I will cook dinner and do any necessary cleaning. During this time I will not much time to myself except for maybe 10 minutes on the couch. That is why I set the time in the evenings after my daughter goes to sleep as “me time”. During my me time, I will not focus on any schoolwork or cleaning, and I will use this time to do something I enjoy. It can be anything from working on my blog to watching a Netflix show or reading a book. Having the time to focus on myself has helped improve my mood and prepares me for the next day.


Get Enough Sleep at Night

During the week, I try to go to bed by 10:30 PM to ensure that I can get 8 hours of sleep even when my daughter decides to wake up before 7 AM. The worst feeling is waking up feeling like a zombie from the lack of sleep and then having to jump into master’s level studies, which is difficult if I cannot focus. Along with having “me time” in the evenings, getting enough sleep helps avoid burnout and prepares me for the day ahead.


Have a Weekly Pamper Night

The previous ways I incorporate self-care into my daily life help improve my mental and emotional health, so to take care of my body I have a weekly pamper night. I have previously written about The Perfect Pamper Night, and during this time I will use face, hand, and foot masks to look after my skin and hair masks to take care of my hair. Setting aside time every week to focus on my body is an important part of my overall self-care routine and it also helps boost body confidence and improves my day.


If you would like to read more about self care, Lynn has a wonderful post on the 2021 Self Care Must-Haves!

How do you practice self care?


how i practice self care as a mother

17 thoughts on “How I Practice Self Care as a Mother

  1. These are some great ideas! Love the idea of a weekly pamper night ✨ I like to make sure I get fresh air each day as a form of self care as I feel so awake afterwards, even if it’s just leaning out of a window if I can’t get out 😂🍃 Great post! 💕

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  2. It sounds like you juggle so much! Love these ideas, I am terrible at letting myself rest because I always feel the pressure to ‘be productive’. Working on my regular sleep pattern!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re not alone & there are many others who feel like they have to constantly be productive, but it’s not good long term & it’s important to remember to look after yourself


  3. Being a mom hasn’t changed in all these years and it’s great you do things to take care of yourself. All moms should make the time for “me” time.

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  4. I’m glad you still find time to relax and spend time for yourself! I struggle with that even if I’m not a mom, but I always feel guilty for not doing anything productive. It’s a terrible mindset honestly. I wish I was better at looking after myself like you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know a lot of people feel that way where they have to constantly be productive, but it’s not good long term.
      When the lockdown started, there were some people who were like “you have to be productive & make money so here’s 10 ways to do that” & I think that’s terrible b/c not everyone including myself was able to do something productive. When my daughter was home from kindergarten & my bf was still working, I had to look after her which left no time for my master’s or blogging or anything productive like that.


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