Lush Bath Bombs Review #3

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Since I have been living in Denmark, I have not been able to take a bath in a bathtub. However, since I have been visiting my parents who have not one but TWO bathtubs, I decided to purchase several bath bombs from Lush and enjoy some baths.

The 5 bath bombs I purchased from Lush

If you would like, you can check out my Lush Bath Bombs Review and Lush Bath Bombs Review #2 for reviews of 6 of Lush’s older bath bombs. When I was deciding which bath bombs to purchase this time around, I went for newer ones (added within the past year) including one from the Halloween collection, so let us begin!


Geode: The geode bath bomb is tan and topped with purple popping candy that then opens up to reveal pink shimmer inside. The bath bomb has a lavender scent, and it is fun to watch the colors mix. However, I did not hear any crackling from the popping candy when the bath bomb hit the water. The bath bomb fizzes a while and you are left with gold glitter water. All the gold glitter did leave residue in the bathtub, but it easily rinsed off. This bath bomb was my favorite out of the 5 I tried.

Rate: 9/10

$6.45 at Lush (no longer available)

The Lush Geode bath bomb in the water


Fairy Trumpets: The fairy trumpets bath bomb is yellow and topped with a pink flower pattern, but the flower pattern did not survive shipping well as there were pink chunks in the paper bag. The bath bomb has a floral scent, but it fizzed very quickly (so quickly that I did not get to take a picture as it was fizzing). The yellow and pink colors mixed to a dark yellow shade, which was not the most pleasant of colors. The bath bomb was supposed to have chunks of popping candy, but again, I did not near any crackling as the bath bomb was fizzing, which makes me question if there was actually any popping candy added to it. Furthermore, the pink flower pattern left pink residue at the water line in the bathtub, which did take some scrubbing to remove. Due to all the downsides, this bath bomb was my least favorite out of the 5.

Rate: 3/10

$7.95 at Lush (no longer available)


Mercury in Retrograde: The mercury in retrograde bath bomb is from the Halloween collection, therefore, it is limited edition. The bath bomb is orange and mixed with a line of purple and green. The orange fizzled quickly while the purple and green sections lasted a bit longer. The bath bomb has a fruity and spicy scent, and it was not that exciting to watch, but it was nice seeing the colors mix. The bath water became an orange color with a slight shimmer, which is appropriate for Halloween and the fall. Also, there was no residue left in the bath tub. This bath bomb was nice to try especially since it was perfect for Halloween with the scent and color, but I would probably not purchase it again.

Rate: 7/10

$7.95 at Lush (no longer available)

The Lush Mercury in Retrograde bath bomb in the water


Moon Spell: The moon spell bath bomb contains two halves – the blue half with a crescent moon and the pink half with the moon indentation that interlock. The bath bomb has a fruity scent, but it is more subtle than the 4 other bath bombs I tried. You can use the pink and blue halves separately, but I used them together. The blue half is like a regular bath bomb that fizzes for a while, and the pink half is a jelly bomb so it does not fizz as much and it lasts longer than the blue half. The bath water becomes a pretty blue shade with little pink stars, and there was no residue left in the bathtub. This bath bomb is my second favorite out of the 5 because there was so much to it.

Rate: 9/10

$7.95 at Lush

The Lush Moon Spell bath bomb in the water

The pink stars from the Lush Moon Spell bath bomb


Harajuku: The harajuku bath bomb is pink, tan, and white, and it actually has a bubblegum scent. The bath bomb fizzes for a while, and the colors mix to form a peach shimmer shade, which was nice to watch. The bath bomb did not leave any residue in the bathtub. Even though harajuku was a nice bath bomb, for the money I would rather get Geode or Moon Spell since they had more to them.

Rate: 8/10

$7.95 at Lush (no longer available)

The Lush Harajuku bath bomb in the water

What are your favorite bath bombs from Lush?


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11 thoughts on “Lush Bath Bombs Review #3

  1. Lush bathbombs are my all time favorite self-care splurge!! Whenever I need a moment just for me – I know I need to get in the bathtub, light a candle, throw on a face mask, and toss in a bath bomb.

    The Harajuku one looks like sherbet!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love that they named one of them Harajuku, that’s so cool! The moon spell one sounds pretty good, I wouldn’t mind trying that. Shame about Fairy Trumpets, sounds a bit disappointing. Great review of these! I haven’t bought a bath bomb from Lush in ages so I’ll have to swing by the next time I’m in town. Just started following you – thank you for commenting on my blog the other day by the way 😊
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t tried any of these ones. The moon spell one sounds like it would be my favourite, I love the look of it and the scent appeals to me. I did try out Mercury in Retrograde in my local Lush but I hated the smell! It did have very vibrant colours though. Great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I loved the moon spell one & you get 2 bath bombs for the price of 1!
      Yea the scent for mercury in retrograde won’t appeal to everyone, but it was nice to look at.


  4. These all look great! My sister is a huge fan of bath bombs and would spend hours in there! I need to find something similar to moon spell that is available now, thanks for sharing x


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