September 2019 Target Beauty Box

September 2019 Target Beauty Box header

Since I am currently at my parent’s house in the US, I decided to take advantage of being able to shop at Target, and I purchased the September Beauty Box.

Unlike GoodieBox, the Target Beauty Box is a one-time purchase therefore you can pick and choose which boxes you want. Each beauty box is $7 at Target with free shipping. You can also see all the items included in each box, which makes it easy to tell if the box is worthwhile. The theme for September’s beauty box was Glow into Fall, and it contained 6 items.The items in the September Target Beauty BoxSchick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor: The Schick razor is a 4-blade razor that is surrounded by an aloe and vitamin E solid which replaces shaving cream and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. I used this razor YEARS ago, and I thought it would be nice to try it out again once I need to replace my old razor.

$7.29 at Target


Trim Salon Board in Pink: The package contains 2 nail files that buff and smooth out the edges of nails and gives them a soft and shiny finish. I actually use a glass file for my nails, and my mother needed new nail files so I ended up giving these to her, and she likes them.

$1.19 at Target


Dove Dry Serum Powder Touch in Rose Silk: The dry serum absorbs quickly into the skin and provides odor protection for 48 hours. I have already used this sample, and I have not used a dry deodorant before since I normally use a roll on, so it was nice trying out a different formula. However, the deodorant had a strong floral scent that I did not like at all. The deodorant did last all day, but I would not say it lasts 48 hours.

$10.99 at Target


Miss Spa Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask: The sheet mask contains aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate which leaves your skin hydrated and glowing. I have not used any products from Miss Spa, so I was excited to try out this sheet mask, and I have already used it. The sheet mask is like any other sheet mask and it left my face feeling moisturized.

$2.39 at Target


TRESemme Botanique Color Vibrance and Shine Shampoo: The shampoo contains pomegranate and camellia oil which nourishes and cleanses the hair. I normally do not use a regular shampoo since I opt for an anti-dandruff one, and I have actually already used this sample. My hair did feel clean after I had used the shampoo, but it was not that special to where I would want to purchase the full-size bottle.

$4.99 at Target


TRESemme Botanique Color Vibrance and Shine Conditioner: The conditioner also contains pomegranate and camellia oil that conditions the hair and leaves it soft and shiny. I used to use the TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner, but I have since opted for a cruelty-free conditioner. When I used the Botanique shampoo, I also used this conditioner and it was a lot like the TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner in that my hair felt soft and moisturized, but again I would not purchase the full-size bottle.

$4.99 at Target

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes or other subscription boxes?



16 thoughts on “September 2019 Target Beauty Box

  1. That’s such a bargain for what looks like a fair bit of stuff! I used to subscribe to a beauty box but it got a bit repetitive with the products they offered and it got quite expensive. There definitely ought to be something like this available in the UK!

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    1. It is a bargain! Yes I used to subscribe to a beauty box in Denmark, but it got repetitive & I had like 10 of the same type of product so I had to cancel.
      It would be great if they offered boxes like these worldwide!

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  2. I’ve never bought a Target box but I think it’s so cool they sell them in stores. Dove’s deodorant is too weak for me & doesn’t even last all day. 😛 Those are the nail filers I use. I’ve never tried a glass one! & the face mask sounds lovely!

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    1. The Target box would be good to check out if they had items you would use!
      I didn’t like the scent of this deodorant but it’s good to know that they don’t last all day
      You should try a glass nail file! They don’t wear down like regular ones & you just rinse them with water to clean them

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