May 2019 Favorites + Roundup

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How is it already June? I was so busy during May that the time just flew by, but like always I want to share my favorites for the past month as well as a roundup. Since May marked my 3rd year blogging, I wanted to do an extra long favorites post. Also be sure to enter my 3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway which ends on the 10th!


Detective Pikachu (2019): I watched this movie with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it! I played the Detective Pikachu game on the Nintendo 3DS, so I have been looking forward to seeing this movie. The movie follows Tim who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of his father, detective Harry Goodman. Aiding Tim in the investigation is Harry’s former partner Detective Pikachu. The movie was entertaining, and I loved Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. I would definitely recommend this movie if you like Pokemon.

Rate: 9/10


Santa Clarita Diet: I have heard of this Netflix series a while back, and I decided to give it a go. The series is about realtors Sheila and Joel who are raising their teenage daughter in Santa Clarita, California. Their world changes unexpectedly when Sheila dies and goes through a dramatic transformation that takes their lives down a dark path. The series is weird and at times graphic, but it is entertaining and I finished watching all 3 seasons. I am sad that the series was cancelled, but I hope one day they will continue it since season 3 left on a cliffhanger. I would recommend this series if you like horror comedies.

Rate: 9/10


Game of Thrones Season 8: The last episode of Game of Thrones aired on May 19th, and it was bittersweet. I enjoyed watching the last season of Game of Thrones, and I will not reveal any spoilers, but I think it concluded the series well. The only complaint I have is that since the last season was only 6 episodes, the episodes were rushed and there was some teleporting of characters. However, if you have not already, I definitely recommend watching Game of Thrones if you like fantasy, adventure, and drama.

Rate: 8/10


Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series: When Game of Thrones ended, I decided to play the Telltale game on Steam that I bought a while back. This is an episodic game that follows characters from House Forrester who are loyal to the Starks. The game has a different plot from the series, but it includes familiar characters including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister who are even voiced by the same actors from the series. Sadly Telltale went defunct at the end of last year and even though a sequel Game of Thrones game was planned, it will no longer be made. I still enjoyed playing this game and following House Forrester. I recommend this game if you like Game of Thrones and games that are based on your choices.

Rate: 9/10


Game of Thrones Cover by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens: I love the opening theme for Game of Thrones, so I absolutely love this cover by Lindsey Stirling who plays the violin and Peter Hollens who uses his voice to recreate the theme.

Rate: 10/10


Carry On by Kygo and Rita Ora: This song is from the credits of the Detective Pikachu movie, and I like it! Rita Ora has an amazing voice, and I like how the lyrics are a reflection of the movie’s themes.

Rate: 10/10


Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber: I received this body scrubber in one of my GoodieBoxes, and I use it with The Rituals Body Scrub. The body scrubber has a regular and soft side depending on if you want more or less exfoliation, and I often use the regular side, and it is great at exfoliating! When the label fades, you know it is time to replace the body scrubber which is handy.

Rate: 10/10


The Rituals of Happy Buddha Body Scrub: My boyfriend gave me this sugar body scrub as a gift, and it has a pleasant orange and cedar wood scent. The scrub is not that exfoliating since it contains various oils making it feel softer on the skin, but it is more effective when used with the Daily Concepts Body Scrubber. The Rituals scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.

Rate: 9/10The four beauty products that are my May favorites.Matas Natur Ansigtssolcreme SPF 30: Now that the weather is getting warmer, I bought this face sunscreen from Matas, and it is from their natural line. The sunscreen is easy to use with the pump top, and it absorbs quickly into my skin. However, the sunscreen does make my face look oily, but the oiliness is not noticeable when I wear makeup over it.

Rate: 9/10


Matas Natur Sollotion SPF 30: Along with the face sunscreen, I bought this regular sunscreen as well from Matas’ natural line to use on the rest of my body. The sunscreen is waterproof, and like with the face sunscreen it absorbs quickly. The sunscreen is also not greasy on my skin.

Rate: 9/10



This month has been filled with doctors appointments and other appointments, but a few exciting things have happened. The first weekend of May was the kræmmermarked where people sell all different things from clothes, shoes, home goods, and more. I bought a few things, and my daughter saw Paw Patrol. They also had a carnival area for kids, and my daughter went on the huge inflatable slide and she had a lot of fun. The 12th was Mother’s Day and we went to the mall and ate lunch at Zhiki Sushi. I always love going there and getting their vegetarian menu. Afterwards we went to my boyfriend’s mom’s garden house and spent some time with her. The following weekend was a 3-day weekend which was nice having a break from all the appointments. This weekend was also a 4-day weekend as well as the Dyrskue (livestock show) so we went on Friday. My daughter loved seeing the pigs, cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs. She even got to pet 2 guinea pigs. Again they had a carnival area for kids, and my daughter had to go on the big inflatable slide. Yesterday my daughter spent the day with her grandma so me and my boyfriend went to the mall and I bought new sandals for the summer. That about rounds up the month.


What were your favorites from May?


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22 thoughts on “May 2019 Favorites + Roundup

  1. I love reading roundup post! I really want to start doing them every month but I never seem to find the time! I feel like Santa Clarita Diet is the kind of program I would enjoy, so I might give that a go! I’ve actually just finished what I was watching on Netflix.
    Also I just bought the Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming Wash and the scent is absolutely amazing! Definitely going to have to get some more of the range! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like reading roundup posts too so you should start doing them when you have the time!
      I love the Rituals Happy Budhha scent! I have also tried a the Sakura scent, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.


  2. Have you noticed if the sunscreen gives you any breakouts? I am looking for a new sunscreen but I always seem to pick ones that have good reviews but make my face breakout something terrible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t had a problem with breakouts, but you can maybe try a moisturizer that has added SPF instead of sunscreen. You can also try mineral based sunscreens that use zinc oxide.


  3. Ahh so many amazing things here! I loved hearing your thoughts on GOT- and that cover- woah! Thanks for sharing that. Everything sounds so busy for you, but I’m glad everything is going well 🙂 The kraemmermarked sounded like a fun experience & you can never go wrong with sushi!! Always love your roundups!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have heard so much about the Santa Clara diet! I just finished Jane the virgin so maybe I will try that one out! It sounds like you had a very busy and productive month!! Hope June is just as great!!


  5. Ah, I seriously can’t believe May is over and it’s JUNE! So crazy, love rounding up the month – great idea!


  6. I watched a few episodes of Santa Clarita Diet & thought it was hilarious. I always said I’d go back to it but never did. What a shame it’s been cancelled now!!

    May sounds like it was an awesome month aside from the appointments (hopefully nothing serious!), I’m so happy to hear you had a nice mother’s day. ♡ You totally deserved it!


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