December 2018 Favorites + Roundup

December 2018 Favorites + Roundup header

It is the second to last day of the year! It is crazy how fast December has gone by, but I wanted to share my favorites for the past month before the new year! Like with last month, I also want to share a roundup as well.


The Princess Switch (2018): I watched this movie on Netflix, and it was so cute! In the movie Stacy visits Belgravia to compete in a baking competition where she meets Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, who looks exactly like her. Margaret convinces Stacy to trade places with her so that she can experience the life of a normal girl before she marries the prince of Belgravia. This movie was so sweet and Vanessa Hudgens was great as both Stacy and Margaret. Even though the plot was predictable, the movie was still enjoyable and it was perfect to watch for the holidays.

Rate: 9/10


Nailed It! Holiday: I also watched this series on Netflix, and I loved it! In Nailed It! bakers with a bad track record compete to win $10,000, and in the Holiday season, the bakers create holiday desserts. In the last episode of the season, it is DIY themed and instead of baking, the contests create holiday ornaments and sweaters. I would definitely recommend everyone to watch Nailed It! as well as the Holiday season because it is a fun baking show.

Rate: 10/10


Santa’s Coming For Us by Sia: Nothing says Christmas like Christmas music, and this month I have been loving Sia’s Everyday Is Christmas album that she released last year including this song Santa’s Coming For Us. I love Sia’s voice, and this song is upbeat and perfect for the holidays.

Rate: 10/10


LASplash Hydro Liquid Eyeshadow in Opulent: I received this liquid eyeshadow in my August 2018 GoodieBox, and I have been using it all this month. This is the first liquid eyeshadow I have used, and I am impressed! The eyeshadow is a gorgeous natural gold shade with a shimmer finish, and it is long-lasting. However, it does have a little bit of fallout, but it is minimal compared to powder shadows. I would recommend this liquid eyeshadow if you want to try a gorgeous liquid eyeshadow.

$12 at LASplash

Rate: 9/10The LASplash Hydro Liquid Eyeshadow and the Comme Deux #LipLove Lip OilComme Deux #LipLove Lip Oil in Rose: I received this lip oil in my November 2018 GoodieBox, and I have been using it this past month as well. The lip oil is a transparent rose shade, and it adds shine to my lips while leaving them moisturized. The lip oil is not long-lasting or transfer-proof, but it is easy to reapply. I would recommend this lip oil if you want to avoid dry lips during the winter.

129 kr / $20 at Comme Deux

Rate: 9/10


This month has been busy! At the beginning of the month I went to several Christmas markets, and I also saw Robin Hood and Mary Poppins Returns in theaters. My dad’s birthday was on the 9th, and my daughter’s 3rd birthday was on the 16th. I made her a cake, and it turned out pretty well! I currently have 2 weeks off from my master’s program, and I have been enjoying not having to study. On the 22nd I went to a Christmas lunch at my boyfriend’s dad’s house and on the following day I baked 5 different cookies for Christmas haha. On the 24th I went to my boyfriend’s grandpa’s house for Christmas lunch and dinner, and it was nice! This past Friday I went to Copenhagen with my boyfriend and daughter and we bought Build a Bears, Legos, and I also went to a book market and bought 4 books for $24! Tomorrow I am going to my boyfriend’s mom’s house for New Year’s Eve dinner, and I am looking forward to that! Now for the posts I wrote this month!


What were your December favorites? What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

7 thoughts on “December 2018 Favorites + Roundup

  1. Girl, this is SUCH a great round up. I wish I had known about Sia’s song before Christmas was over- but I’m excited to listen to it next year for sure. So good!! I also didn’t get around to the Nailed it holiday edition- but I’m saving that up for next year too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Ooo that lip oil sounds amazing! I definitely wanna try it & baking 5 different cookies in one day sounds like a blast! But also, very stressful lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The lip oil is great! It was fun & surprisingly not that stressful. I knocked out the first 3 batches pretty quick but then I ran out of flour lol but I picked up some more & finished the other 2 in no time 😊

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