My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

My Daughter's 3rd Birthday header

Today is my daughter’s 3rd birthday!

My daughter spent the night at her grandma’s, so me and my boyfriend headed over there this morning. My daughter opened some presents including Grandad Dog’s Tow Truck from Peppa Pig, a Spiderman toy, Postman Pat toys, and a big Peppa Pig plush. Afterwards we all went to the mall to have brunch (my daughter brought the Peppa Pig plush with her haha), and we met her grandpa there. The food was great like always! After brunch we headed back to her grandma’s apartment where she opened the rest of her presents (including a Peppa Pig bookcase from me and a Peppa Pig toy chest from her grandma), and then we ate the chocolate cake I made for her yesterday! It was a fun day and my daughter loved playing with all her new toys. My daughter is spending the night with her grandma again, so me and my boyfriend headed back to our apartment and I put together the Peppa Pig bookcase and toy chest.

I wrote a post last year for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, and it is crazy how fast time has gone and how much she has grown since then. First of all she moved from daycare to kindergarten and she is learning new things every day. She has had a huge language spurt and she knows a ton of new words in both English and Danish, and she can easily learn new words by repeating them a few times. She also knows the lyrics to her favorite songs, and she likes to sing them all the time. My daughter now knows how to use a pedal bike, and she also likes to paint. She also likes to pick out her outfit for the day and play pretend grocer. It will be exciting to see what the next year brings.

What did you do this weekend?

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