Too Cool For School Pumpkin Mask Review

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I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving and if you did shopping on Black Friday I hope you found some good deals! I went Black Friday shopping with my daughter and her grandma and we bought a lot of great things. Yesterday I went to my boyfriend’s uncle’s 50th birthday party, and it was fun and there was also good food. Today we went to a Christmas market, and I bought a couple of gifts for my dad. To round up this week, I wanted to review the Too Cool For School Pumpkin Purifying 24k Mask.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Purifying 24K MaskI received this peel off mask for my birthday (my boyfriend actually picked it out for me at Sephora), and I have used it several times now. The mask has a decent scent that is not too strong. I am not sure how to describe the scent, but it is a little on the chemical side. When wearing the mask you will look like a gold disco ball since the mask contains 24k gold. I found the gold color adds a fun visual element to the mask. The first couple of times I used the mask it was difficult to squeeze out of the tube since it was so thick and I had to take off the cap to get any product out. By the third time I used the mask it was much easier to squeeze product out of the tube. Also, the first time I used the mask I applied too thin of a layer and it was practically impossible to peel off once it dried and the mask kept coming off in little chunks. The next time I applied a thicker layer and when the mask was dry it was much easier to peel off and the mask came off in a few big pieces instead of tons of small pieces. Even though the directions state to apply a thin layer, I definitely recommend applying a thicker layer because if the mask is too thin you cannot easily peel it off. After I peeled off the mask, I immediately noticed that my face is clean, soft, and moisturized. Also any oil and redness I have is reduced, and the next morning my face is clearer and any blemishes I had are reduced. The mask is also supposed to tighten pores, but I have not noticed a difference on that aspect. Besides the lack of difference in pore size another downside of the mask is the price is on the higher end and I would not buy it again unless it was on sale since there are as effective and much cheaper peel off masks like the Montagne Jeunesse masks. The Too School For School mask is still a good mask with great results though.

Overall, the Too Cool For School Pumpkin Purifying 24k Mask makes my skin cleaner and clearer, but the mask can be difficult to peel off and it does not reduce pore size.

$25 at Too Cool For School

Rate: 7/10

Have you tried any products from Too Cool For School? What is your favorite peel off mask?

9 thoughts on “Too Cool For School Pumpkin Mask Review

    1. I know that feeling, but at least peel off masks can be washed off if they’re impossible to peel off & with this mask if you use a thicker layer there’s no problem removing it!


  1. I got some free samples of this mask a while ago and really liked it! But my favorite product by them is the Rules of Mastic Recovery Balm. It works wonders as a night cream 😀

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