125 Beauty, Books, and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Writer’s block is something almost everyone has experienced including myself. To overcome writer’s block, I made a list of 125 blog post ideas for beauty, book, and lifestyle bloggers.

Desk background


  1. Product review (in-depth review of products you liked or did not, first impressions, or mini review)
  2. Brand review (best and worst products)
  3. Monthly favorites
  4. All-time favorite/holy grail products
  5. Best drugstore products
  6. High-end products worth splurging on
  7. Dupes for high-end products
  8. Latest haul
  9. Wish list
  10. Anti-wish list (products you would not buy)
  11. Regretted purchases
  12. Empties (products you used up)
  13. Project pan (track progress of products you want to use up by a certain time i.e. 6 months)
  14. Products you use for a pamper night
  15. Subscription box unboxing
  16. Beauty advent calendar you have or want
  17. Makeup look (for a holiday, special occasion, season, using only 1 brand, using budget products, or based on a celebrity)
  18. Makeup of the day
  19. Makeup for the season (makeup products you recommend for the summer, fall, winter, or spring)
  20. Makeup routine (for every day, when you only have 10 minutes, no-makeup makeup, or special occasion)
  21. How your makeup has improved over time
  22. Your makeup collection
  23. Makeup kit for beginners
  24. How you store your makeup
  25. Check your makeup’s expiration dates
  26. Favorite makeup brushes and tools
  27. How you clean your makeup brushes
  28. What is in your makeup bag?
  29. What is in your travel bag?
  30. Get ready with me
  31. Tutorials (step-by-step guide on how you did your makeup)
  32. How to (find correct foundation shade, apply lipstick, hide dark circles, conceal blemishes)
  33. Beauty trends you follow or avoid
  34. Beauty hacks
  35. Current skin care routine
  36. Skin care routine for each season
  37. Best products for your skin type (oily, dry, combination)
  38. Anti-aging tips
  39. DIY products you tried (face mask, lip scrub, body scrub)
  40. Hair care routine
  41. Tips for healthy hair
  42. Hairstyle ideas (for everyday or special occasion)
  43. Nail care routine
  44. Favorite nail polishes
  45. Nail art/look
  46. Favorite perfume (current or for season)
  47. Gift ideas (for friend, mother)
  48. Favorite beauty bloggers and YouTubers
  49. Interview a beauty blogger
  50. Collaborate with another blogger


  1. Book review
  2. Favorite books, authors, genres, characters, or covers
  3. Worst books, characters, etc.
  4. New releases or soon-to-be released books
  5. Latest book haul
  6. Wish list
  7. Your to be read (TBR) list
  8. Books you did not finish (DNF) list
  9. Wrap-up (monthly or yearly list of books you read)
  10. Your library or bookstore
  11. Bookshelf tour
  12. Books you recommend for each season (summer, winter, etc.)
  13. Read a book from genre you do not normally read
  14. How movie or series compares to book
  15. Favorite books from your childhood
  16. What got you into reading (why you love to read)
  17. Favorite cookbooks
  18. Best places to read
  19. Hardback, paperback, e-book vs audiobook
  20. Favorite book quotes
  21. Book tag
  22. Author or blogger interview
  23. Bookish subscription box unboxing
  24. DIY book projects (bookmarks, using old books)
  25. Gift guide for book lovers


  1. Get to know me (facts about yourself)
  2. Personal story (lesson you learned, obstacle you overcome, embarrassing story, life experience)
  3. Things you learned
  4. Things to do before your next birthday (25 things to do before turning 25)
  5. Q&A
  6. Open letter to friends, family, or letter to younger or future self
  7. A day in your life
  8. Charities and organizations you support
  9. Room, home, or workspace tour
  10. Monthly goals
  11. Why you started blogging
  12. Tips for new bloggers (common mistakes to avoid)
  13. Best blogging tools
  14. Favorite apps to use
  15. Favorite blog posts
  16. Your bullet journal or planner
  17. Outfit of the day
  18. Outfit for specific occasion (date night, family dinner, holiday)
  19. Must haves in wardrobe
  20. Favorite stores
  21. Relationship advice
  22. Date ideas
  23. Places you want to visit
  24. Travel story
  25. Travel essentials
  26. How to pack a suitcase
  27. Things to do in your hometown or current city
  28. Event you attended
  29. Favorite recipe or new recipe you tried
  30. Favorite snacks
  31. Weekly meal prep
  32. What you eat in a day
  33. Fitness routine
  34. Favorite movies and series
  35. Your music playlist
  36. Favorite video games
  37. Your pets
  38. How you practice self-care
  39. What makes you happy (what you are grateful for)
  40. How you stay motivated
  41. Inspirational quotes
  42. Organization and declutter tips
  43. How to imrpove time management
  44. How you save money
  45. DIY projects
  46. Gift guide (for birthday, holidays, housewarming, wedding, baby shower)
  47. Subscription box unboxing
  48. Favorite lifestyle bloggers and YouTubers
  49. Interview another blogger
  50. Blog post ideas list

What do you do when you have writer’s block? Do you have any other blog post ideas you would like to share?

142 thoughts on “125 Beauty, Books, and Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. This was a great topic, and I think this list will help a lot of bloggers out there so well done. As my blog mainly foccusses on reviews, I usually don’t have a problem in running out of ideas. But…some reviews certainly are harder to write than others. Usually I just take a small break when I can’t focus enough, sometimes an hour sometimes even a day or two. That usually helps 😊Great post! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Thank you! The list will also help me 😊
      Breaks are always great! I used to be like I NEED to publish 3 posts a week, but that led me to not knowing what to write about so now I’m like it’s okay if I only publish 2 posts a week & it’s okay if I take a short break to focus on life.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. That’s the same with me as well. I really love blogging, but in order to keep loving blogging, I do not use any kind of schedules. I just blog when I feel like it. The only thing I do every day is check out other people’s posts 😊

        Liked by 5 people

      2. I just have a tentative schedule 😊
        You’re better than me! I would like to check people’s posts every day, but w/ me trying to finish my web dev course by the 15th I haven’t had a lot of spare time.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m definitely saving this post to gather inspiration from later! I usually just end up writing reviews when I don’t have any ideas and I’m thinking that probably gets boring for my followers after a while. Thanks for the ideas πŸ™‚

    Liked by 7 people

  3. Thank you for this! Every month, I write a topic for each day, but I still find myself wanting to veer off course for something that feels β€œright” in the moment. One idea is a Friday Favorites post. I follow two other blogs RELIGIOUSLY that do it too. I talk about 5 things I’m loving from that week. It usually involves food πŸ˜‰ but also cool products, sentimental moments, and just rad stuff that made me smile. I do it every week and I like that it makes me appreciate the little things to come up with ideas for the post!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. I am a new blogger and I was having a hard time coming up with what exactly I want to write in my next blog. Reading the list of topic ideas you have come with has been very helpful ! Thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Great post! I’ve been blogging for almost a month now and I haven’t run out of ideas yet, but was concerned that it might happen so it’s great to read this! I’d love it if you’d have time to check out my blog and let me know what you think 😁.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you! Everyone experiences writer’s block at some point, but that shouldn’t be a reason to stop blogging! I recommend writing down any ideas you have (I keep a list on my phone) so you can always come back to it especially on days you have writer’s block. Also don’t push yourself too hard! Blogging should be fun & if you feel overwhelmed, take a break!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Super glad I bumped into this post since I recently started blogging like legit 2 days ago and I already know the lifestyle section is gonna help quite a lot.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. This list is very helpful. I’m new to blogging and I’m not entirely sure what I want to add to my blog. It’s a wonderful topic, and I think it’ll help other people who just need inspiration or are new to blogging like myself. I usually just write and post my poems, however I feel like readers might get a little bored of that so I thought I’d do something involving lifestyle, books, are and my poetry. I just don’t want my blog to look unorganized or sloppy.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m glad you found the list helpful!
      I think it’s good to have variety b/c like you said it could get boring for your readers & you’re also putting the pressure on yourself to continously write poems. Most blogs have more than 1 niche. Like I blog about beauty, books & lifestyle. When I just stuck to writing about beauty it got boring for me so now I write about pretty much whatever I want.
      So I think you should write about lifestyle, books & your poems so your readers don’t get bored & you don’t get stressed or bored.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Karalee,
    this post is perfect. I have been making my own content lists and ideas, and I thought I had plenty of ideas, but you just proved me wrong lol. I appreciate it! This is super helpful, and its super awesome of you to share your ideas!

    Liked by 3 people

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