W7 Life’s A Beach Palette Review

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I have tried out the W7 Life’s A Beach Palette more and I am ready to share my thoughts on it. When I first saw this palette at Normal I was immediately drawn to the blue and yellow shades, and 55 kr / $8.50 was a good price. The palette includes 12 shades, a double-ended brush and a good-sized mirror.

Exterior packaging of the W7 Life's A Beach PaletteThe 12 shades come in 3 different finishes and they include:

  • Sea Shell: white with a shimmer finish<
  • Beach Life: light yellow with a matte finish
  • Sunshine: yellow with a matte finish
  • Sea Foam: teal with a glitter finish
  • Clear Sky: light blue with a glitter finish
  • Shade: light grey with a shimmer finish
  • Oiled Up: dark brown with a shimmer finish
  • Beachy: light brown with a shimmer finish
  • Lay All Day: gold with a glitter finish
  • Stay Golden: orange-brown with a shimmer finish
  • Sun Kissed: brown with a shimmer finish
  • Ultimate Bronze: bronze with a glitter finish

Interior packaging of the W7 Life's A Beach PaletteFirst off you can check out my Summer Makeup Look where I used the Sea Foam, Sunshine, Oiled Up, and Sea Shell shades to get an idea how the palette performs. The pigment for the matte and glitter shades is horrible. The shades are very sheer, but the shimmer shades have good pigment. The glitter shades are very chunky so they have a ton of fallout, while the matte and shimmer shades have much less fallout. I found that it is best to apply the glitter shades with a finger to pack on the pigment and reduce fallout, but I never like applying makeup with my fingers. As far as blending goes, the matte and glitter shades fade a lot and need to be constantly built up to have decent pigment. The shimmer shades blend a little easier. To add on top of the list of problems with this palette, the shades do not last. Even when I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, the shades faded and creased within hours. The shimmer shades did hold up better, but by the end of the day they also creased and faded. I will say the best part of the palette is the packaging. The packaging reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette with the layout of the shades, mirror, and double-end brush. The brush that is included with this palette is fine to use, but I prefer using my own eyeshadow brushes. W7 also has a Life’s A Peach Palette with 12 peach and pink shades, but I doubt the formula is any better. If you are looking for a good W7 palette I would recommend the W7 In the Nude Palette (it has been renamed to Colour Me Nude since I have bought it). Also if you are looking for a good summer palette, I recommend checking out my Shades for the Summer post.

Swatches of the shades in the W7 Life's A Beach Palette
Left to Right: Sea Shell, Beach Life, Sunshine, Sea Foam, Clear Sky, Shade, Oiled Up, Beachy, Lay All Day, Stay Golden, Sun Kissed, and Ultimate Bronze

Overall, the matte and chunky glitter shades in the W7 Life’s A Beach Palette are horrible, and none of the shades last with primer.

£9.95 / $13 at W7

Rate: 3/10

Have you tried any makeup from W7? What is your favorite eyeshadow palette for the summer?

21 thoughts on “W7 Life’s A Beach Palette Review

  1. Oooh, I’m so bummed reading your review. I was really excited upon seeing the palette but now I will pass the Lifes a beach palette. I might take a look at the Colour Me Nude palette. Great review though, you saved me some money, haha! xx

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    1. I was excited when I first saw the palette but when I used it for the summer makeup look I was so disappointed. Then I thought maybe using different primers would help but no. It’s just a bad palette. I’m glad I could save you money haha 😄

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