May 2018 Favorites

This month has been rather busy! Shortly after I finished the memory game project that I mentioned in my What I’ve Been Working On post, I had another project. Luckily it took much less time to complete, and you can check out my arcade game here. If you do play it, you need a keyboard though! Also I have officially had my blog for 2 years! I was going to do a giveaway, but with the whole GDPR thing I decided to postpone it. Now for my favorites!


The Rain: I watched this series as soon as it was released on Netflix, and I really liked it! The series is about two siblings who emerge from their bunker in search of safety 6 years after a rain carrying virus kills most of the population. It is in Danish, but there is the option to sub or dub it (I prefer sub). I loved the setting, and I enjoyed seeing post-apocalyptic Copenhagen. The plot was interesting and a little predictable, but I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next season. I would recommend watching this series if you like post-apocalyptic shows.

Rate: 9/10


13 Reasons Why: I have finished watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why and the plot continues from where the first season left off. However in this season the main focus is on the court case of Hannah Baker’s parents vs the school for failing to protect Hannah and preventing her suicide. The plot does deal with sensitive topics like with the first season, and the last episode made me cry so much. If you have watched the first season of 13 Reasons Why, I would definitely recommend watching the next season.

Rate: 10/10


Sydpå by Bro: I saw Bro at the market earlier this month, and he sang this song that he recently released. It is in Danish, but it is fun and upbeat.

Rate: 10/10


Pure & Care Foot Balm: My feet were cracking a lot so I decided to buy this foot balm from Normal. The foot balm does not have a strong scent like some foot lotions I have used. The balm immediately makes my feet feel soft and smooth and after a week it has greatly reduced the cracking. Pure & Care is a Danish brand, so I am not sure how widely available it is, but I would recommend this balm if you have dry and cracked feet.

Rate: 9/10The Pure & Care Foot Balm and The Body Shop Moringa Body YogurtThe Body Shop Moringa Body Yogurt: I received this body yogurt in my April 2018 GoodieBox, and I have been using it on my arms and legs after showering. The body yogurt has a nice floral scent, and it is lightweight and absorbs quickly. The body yogurt also leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Another added bonus is these body yogurts are vegan. If you like The Body Shop’s body butters, I would definitely recommend trying their body yogurts.

95 kr / $15 at The Body Shop

Rate: 10/10


What were your favorites for May?

7 thoughts on “May 2018 Favorites

    1. A lot did happen in the last episode, but I don’t think it was overdone. I feel like the scene w/ Tyler makes you feel sorry for him & you can understand why he went to such drastic measures at the end. Also everything else w/ the other characters helps set up the next season since Hannah won’t be part of it.

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      1. I totally agree that it was important for the story to move on and to understand the characters’ behaviour. I just meant that Taylor wouldn’t have walked out of that bathroom in real life, because his injuries, especially internally, would have been to severe.

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