Lipstick Queen Frog Prince and Hello Sailor Duo Review

I mentioned the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince and Hello Sailor Duo in my Another Ulta Haul post, and I have been wearing the lipsticks since so I thought I would review them.

The Lipstick Queen Frog Prince and Hello Sailor LipsticksThe duo includes two mini lipsticks of the Frog Prince and Hello Sailor shades that I purchased for $25. The duo is no longer available, but the full-size versions are. Frog Prince is a green lipstick that turns into a semi-sheer rosebud pink shade while Hello Sailor is a navy blue lipstick that turns into a sheer plum shade. Both lipsticks have a gloss finish, and out of the two shades, Frog Prince is my favorite since it is more wearable. I do like that Hello Sailor is a more unique shade, but it does not go with every day looks. Both lipsticks apply easily and evenly and they do not feel sticky on my lips. The lipsticks are also moisturizing and I do not need to use a lip balm before applying them since like they are like a tinted lip balm. However, neither of the lipsticks are long-lasting or transfer-proof, and I do need to reapply them after eating or drinking. Frog Prince does leave a pink tint behind once it fades so it is not completely necessary to reapply it, but I do not notice a tint with Hello Sailor. The lipsticks are easy to reapply though. I do find these color-changing lipsticks fun to use, but a big downside is the price. I do not recommend paying $25 for these lipsticks, and I would instead recommend waiting for a sale or buying them in sets like I did. Also I do plan on doing a makeup look soon with these lipsticks, so be on the lookout for that!

Swatches of the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince and Hello Sailor lipsticks
Left to Right: Frog Prince and Hello Sailor

Overall, the Lipstick Queen lipsticks are fun to use, but they are not worth the price especially the Hello Sailor shade since it is less wearable and does not leave a tint when it fades when compared to the Frog Prince shade.

$25 for Frog Prince at Lipstick Queen

Rate for Frog Prince: 9/10


$25 for Hello Sailor at Lipstick Queen

Rate for Hello Sailor: 8/10

Have you tried a color-changing lipstick before? If so, what did you think? If not, would you like to?

32 thoughts on “Lipstick Queen Frog Prince and Hello Sailor Duo Review

  1. I’ve wanted the Frog Prince since I first saw it. I’d get it more for fun factor, personally. I think these would make an interesting gift. I would willingly pay that much for a fun gift. I don’t think I’d pay that much randomly for a sheer lip tint styled lipstick(add taxes and duty on top and it would be crazy expensive to ship into canada). You are right that sales or the pack is where it is at. Maybe they will bring it back near Xmas.

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      1. I’ve been looking in all the Winners I can get into, to see if this has come to canada yet. Still haven’t found it, but today I did score the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lip Gloss. The package is super cool, and it is legit green, no cool colour changing features to it.

        It’ll be great for lipart and halloween, was so happy to find it.

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      2. No, it legit has Green glitter. I don’t think they have figured out how to safely make glitter change colour yet.

        If it is suppose to change colour, maybe I am just so awesome it stays green. Yay for weird Ph values.

        I could have used it wrong too. Totally possible.

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      3. Haha well I don’t think you can use lip gloss wrong! I was looking at other reviews & they said it’s green for a few seconds then becomes the rose shade so I guess it just doesn’t want to work w/ you.

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      4. I’m still fine with it and happy with it, as I have never had a green lipgloss before. There are many things I can do with it. I also got it for a fab deal, so that doesn’t hurt.

        I do run on the cold spectrum, and my lips are rather blue hued all the time due to that. My body heat might not be up to par for this product.

        Maybe I’ll wait until a day it is 34 outside, and then try it on out there, haha.

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  2. I don’t think I would ever pay $25 for a lipstick, no matter how cool it seems D: Especially not when it won’t leave a tint either. I like these in theory, but not in action.

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    1. Yes I agree they’re better in theory b/c if you take away the color-changing factor, it’s just a tinted lip balm & only the Frog Prince shade leaves an actual tint.


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