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Happy Mother’s Day! Today I wanted to do the This or That Tag, and thank you so much Ingrid Madison Ave for nominating me for this tag!

This or That Tag written on a background of hot air balloonsThe Rules

  1. Thank and tag the person that has tagged you
  2. Attach the tag photo
  3. Answers the This or That questions
  4. Tag 10-20 friends


The Questions

  • Dog or Cat? Can I say both? I love both dogs and cats and I have often thought about which one I prefer more, but I don’t know.
  • Netflix or YouTube? Netflix. There are a ton of great series on Netflix.
  • Phone Call or Text? Text unless it is something urgent.
  • Toast or Eggs? Eggs.
  • Cardio or Weights? I guess cardio, but I rarely work out.
  • Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, but I do like using Facebook messenger.
  • Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice cream! There are so many great flavors, and snow cones generally taste synthetic.
  • Mobile Games or Console Games? Console. There are only a few mobile games I play.
  • While walking: Music or Podcasts? Since I have never listened to a podcast, music.
  • iOS or Android? Android. I used to have an iPhone, but I’m never going back.
  • Cake or Pie? Pie since cakes can be overly sweet. I love apple pies and strawberry rhubarb pies the most.
  • Swimming or Sunbathing? Swimming. I don’t sun bathe since I burn really easily.
  • Big Party or Small Gathering? Small gathering.
  • New Clothes or New Phone? I can always use some new clothes.
  • Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? Loyal friend. Being rich doesn’t matter because I would rather have someone who is there for me.
  • Football or Basketball? I hate sports, but I will go with basketball since I played it for 1 year in elementary school.
  • Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? Nice home interior. Since I’m at home a lot doing my Web Development course and then soon to be master’s program, I would prefer my home to look nice.
  • What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? Dishes. I don’t have a dishwasher so it takes a lot of time to hand wash everything.
  • Jogging or Hiking? Again I don’t work out so hiking. I loved going on hikes with my parents when we visited the national parks.
  • Bath or Shower? I loved taking baths, but seeing as how bathtubs aren’t really a thing here, shower.
  • Sneakers or sandals? Sneakers. I don’t even own a pair of sandals.
  • Glasses or Contacts? Contacts, but I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot since I haven’t gotten a new prescription yet.
  • Hamburger or Taco? Tacos!
  • Couch or Recliner? Couch. Specifically a chaise longue.
  • Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? I prefer shopping in stores especially for clothes since I will know right away if it fits or not. I love shopping online for beauty products since you can’t really go wrong there.
  • Receive: Email or Letter? Letters. I miss the old days when I had a pen pal.
  • Passenger or Driver? Driver. I love driving.
  • Tablet or Computer? Computer. I use my laptop for EVERYTHING.
  • Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? Intelligent. I would prefer to have deep conversations with someone instead of feeling like I’m talking to a door knob.
  • Car or Truck? Car. Trucks are super expensive here plus I don’t like driving them.
  • Blue or Red? Blue. Teal is my favorite color.
  • Money or Free Time? I would say free time because I don’t think I would be happy if I had a ton of money, but no time to do anything else besides work.
  • Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? I would love to go to the beach since I haven’t been to the beach here.
  • At a movie: Candy or Popcorn? Popcorn.
  • Pen or Pencil? Pen. Specifically one that is smear proof!
  • Toilet paper: Over or Under? Over.
  • Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? Upside down.
  • Pancake or Waffle? Pancakes. Crepes are sort of like pancakes right?
  • Coke or Pepsi? Neither. They taste the same to me and I don’t like either of them.
  • Coffee Cup or Thermos? Coffee cup. I love my cute cups.
  • Blinds or Curtain? Curtains.
  • Train or Plane? Train especially since I can go to a lot of places just on the train.
  • Phone or Tablet? Phone. I don’t have a tablet, and I can do so much on my phone.
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? Tea. I don’t drink coffee.
  • Meat or Vegetables? Vegetables since I don’t eat meat.
  • International Vacation or a New TV? International vacation. I really want to go to Japan!
  • Save or Spend? Save then I can spend later.
  • Honesty or Other’s Feelings? Honesty. It is so much better to be honest whether it’s your partner or best friend.
  • Coffee or Tea? Tea.
  • TV or Book? TV. I feel like I haven’t read a book in forever.
  • Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? Movie at the theater since I don’t go as much as I used to.
  • Ocean or Mountains? Ocean.
  • Horror Movie or Comedy Movie? Comedy, but I do like watching a good horror movie every now and then.
  • City or Countryside? City. I grew up in the countryside, and I went to uni in a busy city and I loved it.
  • Winter or Summer? Summer because I can be outside more.
  • Mac or PC? PC!
  • Console Gaming or PC Gaming? PC. I have a ton of Steam games, but I do like playing the Wii & Switch.
  • Soup or Sandwich? Soup.
  • Card Game or Board Game? Board game. They’re so fun!
  • Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home? I don’t like camping so binge watching shows at home
  • Working Alone or Working in a Team? Working alone unless it’s a big project or I have someone like a mentor to ask for help.
  • Dine In or Delivery? Dine in.
  • Sweater or Hoodie? Sweater.
  • Motorcycle or Bicycle? Bicycle.
  • Book or eBook? I love the good old-fashioned books.
  • When sleeping: Fan or No Fan? Well since fans are not a thing here no fan.
  • TV Shows or Movies? TV shows unless it’s the weekend.


My Nominees

13 thoughts on “This or That Tag

  1. Thank you for nominating me! Really enjoyed your answers, some of these are so hard to choose! Can’t wait to do this, find these sort of posts so much fun x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha 😂 in my advertising class my professor had several students who were loyal to Coke & others who were loyal to Pepsi do a blind taste test & only 1 of them got it right…


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