W7 Blush With Me Review

Despite the cold weather, it is soon going to be Spring, and I wanted to review the W7 Blush With Me Colour Cubes in Getting Hitched that I bought on clearance for 19 kr / $3 at Normal.

The Blush With Me Colour Cubes contains 4 shades that combines to 1 shade that gives a glow to the cheeks. Getting Hitched includes a range of pink shades. The 4 shades have very poor pigment and are also powdery. When I try to apply the blush to my cheeks, the shades have a lot fallout in the pan. On the cheeks the blush is really sheer, and I have to use multiple layers to even notice a little pigment. I do not know how long the blush lasts on the cheeks since I can barely even notice it after I apply it.I have tried using the brush included as well as my on blush brushes, and I have found that to get the most pigment you need to use your fingers, which I am never a fan of. Speaking of the brush that is included, I do not like it since it is difficult to mix the shades (not that it matters since the blush itself is not that good). The tin packaging however is rather cute, but it does not include a mirror. W7 has 2 other Blush With Me Colour Cubes in Honeymoon (coral and orange shades) and Cassie Mac (brown shades). I am not going to buy either because I doubt they have better pigment.

Left to Right: Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3, Shade 4, and Combined

Overall, the shades in the W7 Blush With Me Colour Cubes in Getting Hitched are sheer and barely noticeable on the cheeks, and I would not recommend it.

£6.95 / $9.50 at W7

Rate: 2/10

Have you tried any products from W7? What is your favorite blush?

42 thoughts on “W7 Blush With Me Review

  1. What a shame that the formula isn’t good! Was going to say it’s cute pckaging but really not worth it if you can barely see it! Find blushes very hard to shop for, some either have no pigmentation or seem to be so pigmented that you need to be really careful when applying! Enjoyed your review xxx

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    1. W7 does have some good products, but they also have some flops!
      I’ve only tried 1 cream blush & it seemed nice! I think I still prefer powder blushes though 😊


  2. This is why reviews are actually really worthwhile, those are really pretty colours, but I would be equally disappointed with the lack of pigment

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    1. & W7 also claims they’re highly-pigmented shades on their website so if you bought it online based on the description, you would be very disappointed! Luckily I didn’t spend that much money on this blush

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  3. Wow, that’s so disappointing. I hate when a product’s packaging is so lovely and then the product sucks. Like, why spend the money on the packaging instead of improving the formula?! Thanks for reviewing 😀

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