H&M Eye Shadow Review

After I purchased the H&M Infinite Impact Eye Color in Pagoda Blue on clearance, I went back to purchase another shade in Peacock for 10 kr / $1.50.

Pagoda Blue is a gorgeous teal shade with a shimmer finish, but the shimmer is not that noticeable when applied to the eyelid. Peacock is a pretty blue shade with a matte finish. Both shades are so soft, but they are also powdery which leads to some fallout. However, the shades apply and blend easily. Without an eye shadow primer, Pagoda Blue has decent pigment whereas Peacock has good pigment, but both only last a few hours before fading and creasing. However, with a primer, the shades are brighter and last all day without fading, creasing, or smudging. The packing is rather simple and does not include a mirror or a brush, but for the price I do not mind at all. The H&M eye shadows are normally $6.99 each, which is not a bad price especially if there is a specific shade you want (such as a good blue shade). Compared to the blue shades in the Wet n Wild I’m His Breezy Palette, these two shades have much better pigment and last longer with an eye shadow primer. I would definitely recommend these H&M shades over the Wet n Wild Palette. H&M also has many other shades available in matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes.

Left to Right: Pagoda Blue and Peacock

Overall, the H&M Infinite Impact Eye Color in Pagoda Blue and Peacock are better quality than the Wet n Wild I’m His Breezy Palette because the H&M shades have good pigment and last all day with a primer.

$6.99 at H&M

Rate: 7/10

Have you tried any makeup from H&M?

26 thoughts on “H&M Eye Shadow Review

  1. I’ve tried quite a few bits from the H&M Makeup range and been really impressed by the quality for the price. I loved their lippies and their cream blush especially! Only thing I didn’t like was the Eyebrow pencil but i now use it as a lip liner so it does a job of sorts!! x

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  2. never tried h and m makeup ever never, so might take anothe rlook when im next in, Those blues look really strong, always a fan of strong pigments xx

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      1. Oh okay! The H&M downtown doesn’t have a beauty section, but the one at the mall has a nice sized section so I guess it depends on the location & how big the store is! I’ve also went to a H&M in Sweden & they had a HUGE beauty section & they even carried non-H&M brands like NYX. I was really surprised ha

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