November 2017 Favorites

This month has been rather stressful, but the past few days have been fun with Thanksgiving and Black Friday and soon it will be December!


Stranger Things: I watched the second season of Stranger Things shortly after it was released, and I loved it! The second season takes place about a year after the events in season one, and there is the same main cast plus some new characters too. The season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I know it will be a while before season 3 ever comes out, but I will be eagerly waiting to watch it! If you have not watched Stranger Things before, I would highly recommend it if you like sci-fis, horrors, thrillers, or 80s genres.

Rate: 10/10

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: This mobile app was released last week, and for the first few days it was really slow at loading, and I had a lot of connection issues. However, the app runs better now, and I have only experienced a few errors since. In this game you run your own campsite that you can decorate and host animals at. You can craft furniture to put in your campsite and camper, and you can also travel to different locations to collect items and complete tasks for animals to get rewards. You can also visit other player’s campsites, but you cannot play with them. There are in-game purchases for this app, but it is not necessary to spend real money. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a fun casual game to play, and I am looking forward to future updates.

Rate: 9/10

Je te pardonne by Maître Gims ft. Sia: This song is mainly sung in French by one of my favorite French singers Maître Gims, but Sia sings the chorus. This is a beautiful song about forgiveness that mixes French and English amazingly well. The music video is also interesting to watch because it has a lot of futuristic elements.

Rate: 10/10


Frank Body Peppermint Coffee Scrub: I use this scrub while taking a shower, and it has a strong coffee scent with a hint of peppermint. The scrub is exfoliating, but it does not feel too rough on my skin. The scrub is also easy to rinse off, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The only downside to this scrub is that it is really messy to use because it is mainly ground coffee, but I do not mind the messiness since it is easy to clean up after. The scrub is also vegan and cruelty-free.

$18.95 at Frank Body

Rate: 9/10

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake: I have recently reviewed both the Crème Brulee and Angel Food Cake shade, and Angel Food Cake is a nice shade for the Fall/Winter. Angel Food Cake is a mauve shade, and it has good pigment. The gloss applies evenly, and it does not feel sticky on my lips. The only con for this gloss is that it lasts for a few hours before fading and it is not transfer-proof, but the gloss is definitely affordable, and I would highly recommend trying it!

$5 at NYX

Rate: 9/10

What were your favorites for November?

18 thoughts on “November 2017 Favorites

  1. Stranger Things was soooo amazing. I really enjoyed it. The first season for me was just a tiny bit better, but not by much. The characters are just so amazing, and that is what really makes the show so awesome 😊
    The clip you shared is pretty amazing as well by the way. Looks like you had a terrific month 😊

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    1. I agree the first season was better, but both were still amazing!
      This month was pretty good, but last week the immigration service rejected my application to get a permanent residence so I have been confused/upset/frustrated, but things are sorted now & I was able to reapply 😊

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  2. I think I need to get on the Stranger Things hype! Im also super intrigued by the Franks body scrub, I’ve seen it pop up on different platforms pretty consistently for the past few years, might have to bite the bullet and give it a try! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely recommend watching Stranger Things! 😊
      I know Frank Body had a sale for Black Friday, but without the sale I still think it’s worth it! Also a bag should last a few months depending on how often & how much you use of it 😄


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