NYX BB Cream Review

The NYX BB Cream was the first BB cream I have tried, but I did not like it and stopped using it. However, I decided I would give it a second chance and share my opinion about it here.

I purchased the BB Cream in Nude, which is light-medium shade with a beige undertone that matches my skin tone well. However, the first few times I used this cream, it was really runny and came pouring out of the tube as soon as I took the cap off. After a while it became less runny, and I do not have that problem anymore, but I feel like a lot of product was wasted in the beginning. The BB cream has light coverage so it does help even out my skin tone and reduce the redness I have, but it does not cover any blemishes or imperfections. The BB cream also makes my face feel oily at first, but it dries quickly and does not leave my skin feeling greasy. It is recommended to apply this BB cream with your fingers or a brush, but I do not like applying makeup with my hands, so I used my beautyblender instead, and it applied and blended easily. The BB cream can also be used alone or as a primer under foundation. When I use the BB cream alone, it lasts about 5-6 hours if I use both a setting powder and setting spray (if I do not set the BB cream, it does not last as long). With foundation, the BB cream acts as a good primer, and it lasts all day with the rest of my makeup. As far as what the BB cream claims to do, it does not brighten my skin because it does not help with my dark circles under my eyes. When I use the BB cream alone, I feel like I have to also use a concealer to brighten my skin. Also, most BB creams contain SPF since they can be worn alone, but this BB cream does not have any SPF. However, the BB cream is oil-free and it does not dry out my skin and instead feels moisturizing on my face. The BB cream is also affordable, but for me there are too many cons, so I would not repurchase it. Also, there are only 3 shades available of the BB cream in Nude (light-medium with beige undertone), Natural (light-medium with peach undertone), and Golden (medium with golden undertone).Overall, the NYX BB Cream is moisturizing, oil-free, and has light coverage, but it is runny, does not contain any SPF, and only comes in 3 shades.

$13 at NYX

Rate: 6/10


Have you used a BB cream before?

8 thoughts on “NYX BB Cream Review

  1. If u have problems like runny product in the start, then just shake the product before using. It will amalgamate all the contents and give u a perfect consistency xx

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