Versatile Blogger Award #6-12

I have been rather busy this week so I have not had much time to blog, but today I wanted to thank Nathprasad, Chelsea, His Perfect Timing, Katie Rose, Claire, Natasha, and Artiful for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!


The Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award
  3. Tell 7 facts about yourself


My 49 Facts

Since I have done the Versatile Blogger Award before where I shared 35 facts about me, I wanted to share facts about my childhood and education.

  1. I started school at a small private school
  2. At my private school I learned Spanish and American Sign Language
  3. At my private school I also started learning how to play the piano, which I continued to play until I went to college
  4. I had a best friend at my school named Samantha who lived in the neighborhood next to my mine
  5. Since me and my parents lived in a small neighborhood, we would go trick or treating in my best friend’s neighborhood
  6. We would also bring our dog Bandit trick or treating and he would occasionally receive dog treats
  7. My dad is from Illinois and every other Christmas we would visit my dad’s side of the family
  8. We have also been to Florida (and Disney World) a few times because I have family there
  9. Every year me and my parents would go on vacation mainly to national parks
  10. I have been on 2 cruises to Alaska and Mexico
  11. My mother worked at the zoo and I have visited there many times
  12. I showed chickens at the livestock show and rodeo
  13. The first computer games I remember playing are Putt Putt and JumpStart 3rd Grade
  14. My parents transferred me to a Catholic school when my private school started going down hill in quality
  15. At Catholic school I learned Japanese
  16. My first ‘B’ grade was in religion, which made me really upset, but my parents said it was okay since we were not Catholic or that religious for the matter
  17. Every Friday we went to mass and I was taught how to refuse the communion since I was not Catholic
  18. I was on the basketball team for my Catholic school
  19. Before my parents moved I did ballet and tap dancing
  20. I started going to public school when my parents moved
  21. In 6th grade I was in the school band and I played percussion
  22. In junior high I started reading a lot of manga including Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note
  23. I had a group of friends where we would pretend to be different characters from FMA, and I was Winry
  24. I was also in theatre with my friends
  25. Freshman year of high school was rough because I found out who my real friends were
  26. The rest of high school was pretty fun
  27. My favorite classes in high school were art and photography
  28. I was a member of art club, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and student council
  29. I was in Academic Decathlon one year
  30. In high school I received my first video game console, which was a Nintendo DS Lite
  31. The first games I played on the DS were Guitar Hero and Pokemon
  32. I never went to any school dances, but I did go to my senior prom
  33. I did not get my driver’s license until a few days before I turned 18
  34. As a high school graduation gift, me and my parents went to Australia
  35. I only applied to 2 universities for a Bachelor’s program
  36. I originally applied for a program in marketing, but my second choice was psychology
  37. At the university I attended, I did not get accepted into the business school, but I was accepted into the psychology program
  38. After my first semester of college I realized I did not want to do marketing anymore and I happily stayed with psychology
  39. My favorite areas of study were child psychology and abnormal psychology
  40. During my first year of college I lived in a dorm and I made a lot of great friends
  41. I started a blog on tumblr because one of my friends had her blog, and later on I switched to WordPress
  42. I was a member of UNICEF, and I went trick or treating with my friends for UNICEF
  43. I became a member Psi Chi (the International Honor Society in Psychology), and I have volunteered at the local psychiatric hospital with them
  44. In college I bought a Wii and a Nintendo 3DS, and I mainly played Harvest Moon, Kirby, and Pokemon
  45. I lived in 3 apartments while in college
  46. One of my previous roommates ended up being my neighbor (unintentionally) when I lived at my last apartment
  47. I completed my psychology program in 3 and a half years
  48. I have never failed a class during my entire school career
  49. I started a course on web development last week


My Nominations

I nominate anyone who has not been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award before!

12 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award #6-12

  1. Congratulations again on these awards! As mentioned previously you deserve every single one of them 😊 You made a great post for this. Really enjoyed reading all these facts from you. But wow, never failed a class huh? That is really amazing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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