September 2017 Favorites

It is hard to believe that September is almost over, but I had a great birthday, and I love that it is now Fall! I am looking forward to October especially with the release of season 2 of Stranger Things and Riverdale and also the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole!


Okja: I watched this movie recently on Netflix, and I loved it. Okja is a Korean/American movie about Mija who has been raising her large pig Okja. Okja is then kidnapped, and Mija goes on a mission to rescue her. The acting was great especially for the girl who played Mija. The movie was also full of emotion, and the ending was bittersweet. I would definitely recommend watching this movie.

Rate: 10/10


Mystic Messenger: I have mentioned this game before in my previous March Favorites post, but Cheritz released the route for V earlier this month. I have finished playing his route, and it was a roller coaster of emotions. I enjoyed both the normal and good ending, and I am looking forward to playing his after ending when it is released.

Rate: 10/10


Mystic Messenger V Route Opening: This song is the opening for V’s route, and it is so beautiful. I love the singing for both V and Rika, and the song is a nice preview of what to look forward to in V’s route.

Rate: 10/10


Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub: I received this lip scrub as part of my Birthday Haul, and it tastes so good like chocolate with a hint of orange. Like with all of the Lush’s Lip Scrubs, this one leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturized. I would recommend using this lip scrub if you have dry lips or you wear drying lipsticks.

$10.95 at Lush

Rate: 10/10Crabtree & Evelyn Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Hand Therapy: This hand cream was in Marzia’s Summer Faves Box, and I have been using it a lot recently since my hands have been getting dry due to the colder weather. I love the scent, and the cream leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized without feeling greasy. The small size is also convenient to bring in a bag, but there is also a larger size available.

$9 – $32 at Crabtree & Evelyn

Rate: 10/10

What were your favorites for September?

10 thoughts on “September 2017 Favorites

  1. I have yet to see Okja, but wow a 10/10 rating huh? That really makes me move this movie up a few spots on my to watch list. I agree with the song you have included by the way. It really does sound beautiful 😊

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    1. I really enjoyed Okja b/c it was so emotional & even though Mija speaks Korean, you can feel the love she has for Okja & she’ll go through anything to get her back.
      I was also surprised that the voice actors sang the song!

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