June 2017 Favorites 

This past month my posts have been rather sporadic, but I am planning on posting more regularly this month. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer though. I know I have been enjoying the weather here except for the past few rainy days. I am looking forward to going to Lalandia and Legoland later this summer! Now onto my favorites for June!


Black Mirror: I have finished watching all 3 seasons of Black Mirror. I love this series because most episodes make me think about what if this happens in real life. Each episode is a separate story, and they take place in the near future and most include a new form of technology. If you decide to watch Black Mirror, I do not recommend starting with S1E1 The National Anthem because most people who watch it do not want to continue the series. I would start with S1E2 Fifteen Million Merits or any other episode like one of my favorites S3E2 Playtest, S3E4 San Junipero, and S3E6 Hated in the Nation. My least favorite episode of this series besides S1E1 The National Anthem was S2E3 The Waldo Moment because it did not have that wow factor like all the other episodes. Overall, Black Mirror is a great series that I would highly recommend watching.

Rate: 9/10


Harvest Moon Skytree Village: I bought this game for the 3DS while Nintendo had a sale. Like with the other Harvest Moon games, you are given a farm and you need to revive the land to restore the Harvest Goddess’ power. In this game, her power then revives the 7 skytrees in the village. The beginning of this game is a little slow, but it constantly introduces new characters, quests, and things to do. I also like that the land is customizable like in Minecraft. Harvest Moon Skytree Village is a nice casual game that I enjoy playing every now and then.

Rate: 9/10


Filips Far by Nederen Forældre: This song was created for the Danish Road Safety Council to celebrate parents who make their children wear bicycle helmets. In this music video, Filip’s dad allows him to do many fun things like bring an airsoft gun to school, skip class, and eat candy for lunch. This song is upbeat and shows that even though parents want to be cool and fun, they also need to be responsible.

Rate: 10/10


La Théorie des Volcans Noir Eternae Masque Exfoliant: I have mentioned in My Current Skincare routine post that I have started using this as a mask. After using this mask for several weeks, it has become one of my favorites. As a mask it is easy to use and  it dries within a few minutes. While rinsing off this mask, it is also exfoliating because this mask can also be used as a scrub. After washing off this mask, my face looks and feels soft and clean. The only downside to this mask exfoliant is that it is rather expensive to repurchase, but I still enjoy using it and the results are great.

30 € at De Bruyère Paris

Rate: 9/10ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in Peach Bellini: I received this blush in my June 2017 GoodieBox. Peach Bellini is a peach shade with a shimmer finish. This blush has great pigment, and it applies smoothly and blends easily with a brush. This blush is also long-lasting, and I would highly recommend it because it is the perfect blush shade for the summer.

$22 at ModelCo

Rate: 10/10


What were your favorites for June?

15 thoughts on “June 2017 Favorites 

      1. I LOVE the original Harvest Moon DS, but I fell out of love with it because I started to cheat on it with action replay, and then lost it so it bored me when I couldn’t cheat haha! But also love Island of Happiness! Also Story of Seasons is amazing! I can’t pick a favourite haha!!


  1. The face mask is so good! I used way too much every time so mine ran out so fast.. haven’t repurchased it though, not sure if i want to pay that much for a mask.

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  2. I haven’t seen Black Mirror yet, but it’s one of those series that I hope to get around to sometime soon. You have definitely made me curious about it. Great overview of the past month. Incredible that the first half year has already passed us by again 😀

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    1. Since I got Netflix last month I have been trying to catch up on all the shows I’ve been wanting to see & Black Mirror has been recommended a lot of reddit & now I know why. With the episode Playtest they take VR to a new level & it’s so cool but then at the end my mind is blown. I could only watch 1-2 episodes a day.
      It’s crazy how fast time has passed!

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