Tony Moly Strawberry Nose Pack Review

I bought the Tony Moly Strawberry Nose Pack as part of my Ulta Haul. The nose pack includes 3 steps to clear pores and remove blackheads.

Step 1 included a nose strip soaked in product that is used to open the pores. The strip was big enough to cover my nose, and I wore for it 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, the strip did not move around on my nose. After the 20 minutes, I removed the strip and continued to Step 2, which included a standard blackhead pore strip. I wetted my nose with water, applied the strip, and wore it for 15 minutes. This strip also fit my nose well and it stayed in place. After the 15 minutes, I removed the strip, and it was not that painful to remove. The strip did remove some blackheads from my pores, but it did not remove all of them. The last step was Step 3, which included another nose strip soaked in product that is used to close the pores. Like with the first 2 strips, this one also fit my nose well and did not move around during the 10 minutes I wore it. After my nose absorbed the product, my nose felt soft and moisturized. I would recommend trying this nose pack because I did like the results, and the price is affordable considering there are 3 steps to this pack. However, do set aside some time when using this pack because it took me 45 minutes to complete all the steps. Also, none of the strips irritated my nose, so I believe this pack will be good for those with sensitive skin.

Overall, the Tony Moly Strawberry Nose Pack removed some blackheads and left my nose soft and moisturized, but there are probably better pore strips out there.

$3.50 at Ulta

Rate: 8/10

What is your favorite blackhead pore strip to use?

10 thoughts on “Tony Moly Strawberry Nose Pack Review

  1. Wow 45 minutes! It sucks it didn’t remove more because I do like that step 2 closed your pores, usually its just a one and done strip and I guess just leaves the pores open to just become blackheads again.

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