Miqura Golden Modeling Mask Review

I have received two Miqura Golden Modeling Masks, one in my October GoodieBox and the other as a Christmas gift. After using both masks, I wanted to share my experience with them.

The mask is separated into 2 parts, the Miqura Mixing Powder and the Miqura Mixing Gel. The 2 packets are mixed together in a bowl to create the mask. While mixing the packets in the bowl, the powder was rather messy and went all over the counter. The mask has a sweet scent, and it is thick like cake batter and had a similar consistency too. Due to the cake batter similarities, it felt weird putting the mask on my face. The directions state to use a spatula to apply the mask, but I used my hands instead. The mask was a bit difficult to apply evenly because it was so thick, but the unevenness did not affect the drying time. The mask felt cool on my face, and it was also easy to rinse off my hands and to clean the bowl. I believe there is enough product to use for several masks, but the packaging states it is for a one time use and there is no way to save the excess after combining the packets because it will dry out. However, it might be possible to save the contents in the packets before mixing them, but I have not tried that.I wore the mask for 30 minutes, and it dried completely. The mask was not easy to peel off because it did not come off in 1 piece, and it was difficult to remove around the edges of my face and nose. The mask was also painful to remove near my eyebrows and nose. After removing most of the mask, I had to rinse my face with water to remove the extra bits.  A big downside of this mask besides the excessive amount of product and the difficulty I had removing it is that the mask left a red line on my forehead where the edge was, which took several hours to go away. The only benefit I saw from this mask is that my face did feel smooth and moisturized, but that was it. I would definitely  not recommend this mask because there are much cheaper masks that provide the same moisturizing benefit.

Overall, even though I enjoyed the spa-like experience with this face mask, I would not recommend it because it is too expensive for only moisturizing my face.

125 kr / $18 at Green Skin

Rate: 4/10

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