Empties #3

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day! It has been awhile since my last empties post, and since then I have finished using more products! Like with my previous empties posts, I will review each product and decide whether or not I would repurchase it.

Etre Belle Hydra Power 3 Step Face Care Set: I received this mask in my January GoodieBox. The mask is separated in to 3 parts (the sheet mask, serum, and cream). The sheet mask was a little big, and I wore it for 20 minutes. Afterwards I applied the serum then the cream. The serum and cream made my face feel greasy, but once it dried my face felt moisturized. I would not repurchase this mask because there are cheaper masks that are also moisturizing.

Rate: 5/10


Matas Pomegranate Body Shampoo: The body shampoo has a nice pomegranate scent, and it lathered nicely and cleaned my skin well. The shampoo also rinsed off easily, and it was a good buy especially since Matas often has a 3 for 2 sale. I would not repurchase this body shampoo right now because I have 2 other shampoos that I bought on sale.

45 kr / $6.50 at Matas

Rate: 9/10


I Love… Mango & Papaya Shower Exfoliating Shower Smoothie: I bought this shower smoothie from Normal. The shower smoothie has a great fruity scent, and it lathers nicely in the shower. The smoothie contains almond shell to exfoliate the skin, but it is too gentle and not as exfoliating as I would like. The smoothie is easy to rinse off, but the scent does not last. However, my skin did feel soft and clean. I would not repurchase this shower smoothie because I think the Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life is better at exfoliating.

£2.99 at I Love… Cosmetics

Rate: 6/10


Lush Herbalism Cleanser: I have previously reviewed this cleanser, and I use it in the morning before putting on my makeup. The herbal scent is a bit strong and the cleanser is a bit messy to use, but it does help clean and exfoliate my skin. This is one of my favorite cleansers to use, and I already have another pot.

$15.95-$38.95 at Lush

Rate: 9/10


First Aid Beauty Cleanser: I received this cleanser in my July! Play by Sephora. I use this cleanser after removing my makeup, and it helps remove any excess makeup and oil. The cleanser also leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized. This is another one of my favorite cleansers, and I have already purchased a bigger size.

$20 at Sephora

Rate: 10/10


Nivea Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes: I also received these wipes in my January GoodieBox. These wipes come in a resealable package, so they do not dry out. I used the wipes for both my face and eye makeup, and the wipes felt soft, but they did not remove all of my makeup. I would not repurchase these wipes because if I did use wipes, I would want them to remove makeup completely.

50 kr / $7 at Matas

Rate: 5/10


Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner: The shampoo and conditioner had a nice scent, and there was more than enough of both for my hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner were easy to apply and rinse out. After my hair dried, my hair did not feel that soft. I would not repurchase these because they did not smooth my hair.

$6 for the shampoo at Ulta

$6 for the conditioner at Ulta

Rate: 6/10


H&M Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask: The mask has a strong tea tree scent, but there was more than enough product to cover my face. I wore the mask for 20 minutes and it dried completely. The mask was easy to remove and almost peeled off in 1 piece. Like with all peel-off masks, avoid your hairline and eyebrows as the mask can stick to it and be harder to remove from. The immediate results of this mask is that my face felt soft and clean. After several days, my face did look clearer. I might repurchase this mask, but the Lush Mask of Magnaminty has similar results.

25 kr / $3.50 at H&M

Rate: 8/10


Shangpree S Energy Cleansing Gel: I received this cleanser in my Fall Marzia Box. The cleanser is applied to dry skin then rinsed off with water. The cleanser does remove my makeup well, but of course it cannot be used for eye makeup. I would not repurchase this cleanser because it is expensive and I prefer makeup removers that can be used for eye makeup too.

$39 at Peach & Lily

Rate: 6/10


Yes to Cucumbers Paper Mask: I also received this sheet mask in my Fall Marzia Box. The mask has a fresh cucumber scent, but it was really big and I had to fold the edges to fit my face. I wore the mask for 10 minutes, and afterwards my face looked a lot better and it helped even out my skin tone and reduce the redness I had. There was also excess product in the package that I used on my neck and face after removing the mask. Even though the mask was really big, I would repurchase it especially since it is affordable. Also, some people have experienced a burning sensation with this mask, but I did not have that problem.

$3.29 at Ulta

Rate: 9/10


Acerola Essence Mask: I received this sheet mask from B Beauty Limited. The mask had a nice scent and a decent fit, but it was very wet and soaked in product. However, the mask did not weigh down on my face. I wore the mask for 30 minutes, and the only difference I noticed was that my face felt moisturized. I would not repurchase this mask because I would want to use a mask that provides more than just moisture.

£2.49 at B Beauty Limited

Rate: 7/10


Have you tried any of these products? Also do not forget to join my giveaway!

12 thoughts on “Empties #3

  1. I’ve not paid mind to the Lush Herbalism Cleanser but it looks a great option for summer time when my skin is more oily.
    Is the H&M mask just a single use mask? I’ve eyed those but not sure if they’re worth the money.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Herbalism Cleanser is great for oily skin!
      The H&M masks are meant to be single use (the container is not resealable), but there is enough product to use it 2-3 times. One of my blogger friends uses the same mask several times.


  2. I would like to try Lush’s cleansers and creams as I’ve only ever had their bath bombs, but I don’t live that close to a Lush store so I don’t go in often. That yes to cucumbers mask sounds good!

    Liked by 1 person

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