W7 Nude Kiss Lipsticks Review

After trying the W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick, I decided to buy all 6 shades of the W7 Nude Kiss Lipsticks from Normal.

 All 6 shades have a cream finish, and they include:

  • Naughty Nude: cream
  • Summer Fling: peach
  • Nude Kiss: tan
  • Desert Dream: brown
  • Pink Sand: copper
  • Sahara: deep pink

These lipsticks have good pigment, and they apply smoothly and evenly. The lipsticks also feel soft and creamy on the lips, and unlike liquid lipsticks, these lipsticks are moisturizing and do not dry out the lips. Since these are not liquid lipsticks, they do not have good staying power. The lipsticks only last for a few hours before fading. The lipsticks are also not transfer proof, and they will completely come off with either eating or drinking. However, the lipsticks are easy to reapply. These lipsticks come in a black plastic container, which looks rather cheap, but I do like that the bottom is clear and shows the lipstick shade. I also do like the added touch of the W7 on the lipstick, but of course that comes off the first time you use the lipstick. A great thing about these lipsticks are that they are affordable and come in shades to suit all skin tones. The Naughty Nude shade is too light for my skin tone and washes me out whereas Summer Fling is a more subtle shade. Both Nude Kiss and Pink Sand are great every day nude shades for me. I am not a fan of Desert Dream because it is too brown for me, and Sahara is a bit too pink for a nude shade.

Left to Right: Naughty Nude, Summer Fling, Nude Kiss, Desert Dream, Pink Sand, and Sahara

Overall, the W7 Nude Kiss range of lipsticks have average staying power, but they are moisturizing and affordable.

£4.95 / $7 at W7 Cosmetics

Rate: 7/10

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