W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick Review 

While at Normal, I also bought the W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick in Candy Floss for my birthday.

Candy Floss is a bright pink shade with a satin finish. The lipstick applies smoothly and evenly, and it is creamy just like the name Butter Kiss suggests. The lipstick is also moisturizing and does not dry out my lips, but the lipstick only lasts a few hours before I need to reapply it. The lipstick is also not transfer-proof, and I need to reapply it after eating or drinking. However, the lipstick is a great buy especially for the quality since some high-end lipsticks have the same lasting power or even dry out lips. I have tried NYX’s Butter Lipsticks, and I would definitely recommend W7’s Butter Kiss Lipsticks as an alternative because both are creamy and have good pigment, but W7’s lipsticks are a bit cheaper. W7 also has 11 other Butter Kiss shades available from pinks to reds.Overall, this lipstick is great for the price, but it does not have that good of staying power.

£4.95 / $7 at W7

Rate: 8/10

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