NYX Butter Gloss Review

I am always looking for more lip glosses and lipsticks to try, and since I have never tried any of NYX’s lip products, I purchased the Crème Brulee Butter Gloss as part of my NYX Cosmetics Haul.

The gloss has great pigment, and I love the pale pink shade. The gloss also applies smoothly and evenly, and even though this is a lip gloss, it does not make my lips feel sticky. The butter gloss lives up to its name because it makes my lips feel so soft while looking glossy. The only con of this gloss is that I have to reapply it because it does not last throughout the day, but glosses tend to not last as long as lipsticks. This gloss is at a great price, and there are 34 different shades available. Overall, I love the color of the gloss and how soft it makes my lips feel, so I definitely want to try more shades.

$5 at NYX

Rate: 9/10

14 thoughts on “NYX Butter Gloss Review

  1. You know I wonder if the different shades are all different in formula because I have a dark purple shade and it’s just not good, it -is- sticky and applies unevenly and unless I’m imaginging things it’s also runny (??). And you know me, I usually like my NYX lip products.

    So basically just saying: it’d be interesting with a comparison!

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