Tarte Grav3YardGirl Lip Paint Review

After I purchased the Tarte Swamp Queen Palette, I bought the Tarte Grav3YardGirl Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Texas Toast at Sephora.

The lip paint is a dark nude/mauve shade, and it works well with my skin tone. I often wore this lip paint when I used the Haunting, Uncommon, and Mancat shades from the Tarte Swamp Queen Palette as the lip paint complimented these darker shades from the palette nicely. The lip paint applies liquid and dries matte, but I found that it does not dry completely. Since the lip paint does not completely dry, it faded when I ate or drank because it transferred onto the glass and napkin. However, the lip paint can last for several hours if I do not eat or drink before I need to reapply it. The lip paint also applies evenly and smoothly and does not dry out my lips like some liquid lipsticks.   Overall, I love the color, but I do wish the lip paint lasted longer.

$20 at Sephora

Rate: 7/10

16 thoughts on “Tarte Grav3YardGirl Lip Paint Review

  1. Ah I am OBSESSED with liquid lipsticks. It seems that america always get the better end of the deal when it comes to makeup – I need your brands to come to the UK!! I can’t afford shipping and then potential customs charges, so for now i can admire from a far. Great post and love the colour. Shame about the lasting power! xx

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