Lush Bath Bombs Review #2

Before I left for Denmark, I purchased several bath bombs from Lush that I have not tried before. The 3 bath bombs I purchased were Butterball, Lava Lamp, and Guardian of the Forest.

Butterball: The bath bomb has a nice vanilla scent, but it only fizzes a little and lasts for a short time. Instead of changing colors, the bathwater looked soapy, which I somewhat expected from a white bath bomb. The bath bomb contains chunks of cocoa butter, which left my legs feeling nice and smooth after my bath. Even though I liked the scent and the cocoa butter, I find the price too expensive for a small bath bomb that only makes my legs feel smooth.

$4.95 at Lush

Rate: 5/10


Lava Lamp: The bath bomb has a wonderful citrus scent, and the water changed to an orange soda color. However, I was disappointed with the purple dots. Instead of creating a lava lamp effect, the dots broke apart into chunks and stuck to the side of the bathtub. The purple left some residue on the tub, but it easily washed off. Even though I was disappointed with the lava lamp effect, my legs did feel smooth and moisturized after using this bath bomb. However, I would not purchase this bath bomb again.

$7.95 at Lush (no longer available)

Rate: 6/10


Guardian of the Forest: I love Hayao Miyazaki’s films and when I saw that this bath bomb was inspired by Princess Mononoke, I had to try it. The bath bomb is just like taking a stroll in the forest because it changes the water to several shades of green and yellow, which then mixes to become a dark forest green. There is some glitter, which adds a bit of shimmer to the water. I found the bath bomb fun and relaxing to watch the colors mix, but the bath bomb does not fizz for long. The bath bomb has an earthy/woodsy scent, which may not appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed the scent. There was also no residue left in the tub. This was definitely my favorite out of the 3 bath bombs.

$7.95 at Lush (no longer available)

Rate: 9/10


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Do you have a favorite Lush bath bomb?

19 thoughts on “Lush Bath Bombs Review #2

  1. Oh Darling, I am so eager to have a Bath Bomb. I’ve been reading about it on Pinterest and trying to buy it from Amazon, but what a huge price for a little fizzy bath bomb !!
    I like your description of Bath Bomb – Guardian of the Forest.
    It must have been delightful for the water to change colors and have that Earthly Smell. WOW OH WOW!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you’ll be able to try Lush’s Bath Bombs one day! There are no Lush stores in Denmark, so I know how you feel about not being able buy anything from Lush without it being expensive!


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