SheaMoisture Mud Mask Review

I received a free sample of the SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Mud Mask from PINCHme, so I tried it out.

wp-1466043462023.jpgI have sensitive skin, and all I can say is this product is not meant for people with sensitive skin. Shortly after I put on the mask, my cheeks and the area above my lip started to burn, and I immediately washed it off. I only kept the mask on for maybe a minute, so I have no idea how someone can keep it on for 10 minutes like the directions recommend. After I washed the mask off, my cheeks still burned, and I also could not tell if the mask made my skin feel soft or refreshed because it was on for such a short time. The only good thing about this mask is that it has a nice rose scent that is not too overwhelming. However, I definitely do not recommend this mask to anyone unless you want your face to burn.

Rate: 1/10

$14.99 for 177 ml at Target (no longer available)

11 thoughts on “SheaMoisture Mud Mask Review

  1. I tried this too, thankfully my skin isn’t that sensitive but I felt cheated cause it said for sensitive skin. I did leave it on for 10 minutes and I have to say my skin felt really smooth and not that dry. But I almost had a panic attack cause my face felt really warm and I was like wtf is happening lol

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