Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum Review 

I received the Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum at a heavily discounted price. I have only used this serum for a week, but I will update my review after I have used it for the whole duration of 6 weeks.

WEEK 1: For me, a week is too soon to see whether or not my lashes have grown due to the serum and not just natural growth. The directions recommend using the serum for 6 weeks to see the full results, which is understandable considering I have yet to see results. The serum applies easily and smoothly along the lash line with the thin brush that is comparable to a brush used for eyeliner. I applied the serum once a day, and if I was not wearing makeup that day, I applied it in the morning or otherwise at night after I have removed all my makeup. The serum does not irritate my eyes, but I would avoid getting it in them because the serum can sting. The serum lasts for 3 months before you need to repurchase it, which is a decent length for the price. For now, the serum is just average because I have yet to see results.

WEEK 2: It has now been 2 weeks, but I still do not see any results. I am becoming even more skeptical about this serum working. I will continue using the serum for the remainder of the 6 weeks, but I am doubtful that it will help my lashes grow.

WEEK 3: I have given up on seeing results with this serum. It has been 3 weeks, and it does not appear my lashes have grown at all due to the serum. There are numerous reviewers claiming that the serum has helped their lashes grow, but I guess I am not one of them.

WEEK 4: It has been 4 weeks and I have pretty much stopped using this serum because I have not seen any results and I have also been busy moving. Even though I said I would use the serum for the whole 6 weeks, I think this will be my last update because I am going to Berlin soon and I would rather not worry about bringing and using this serum. The serum says it can take 6 weeks to notice the full results, but that means some results should be noticeable before then especially since I have been using it for a month straight.

Overall, I cannot recommend the Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum because I have not seen any results after using it for a month.

$21.50 at Amazon

Rate: 1/10

Have you tried any eyelash growth serums before?

6 thoughts on “Majestic Pure Eyelash Growth Serum Review 

  1. I always that the serums for eyelash growth may not really work,keep us updated if you think it makes a difference:)
    Ps:I have nominated you for the “Liebster award” check my latest post xo

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