Winky Lux Marzia Lip Kit Review

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I adore Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia on YouTube), so when she partnered with Winky Lux to release 2 lipsticks, I had to buy them. The kit I purchased contains the Corallo and Stella Marina lipsticks and a cute pug makeup pouch. The kit costs $28 at Winky Lux, but you can also purchase the lipsticks individually.

The Winky Lux Marzia Lip Kit with the two lipsticks and pug face makeup pouchCorallo Lipstick

I normally wear nude colored lipsticks, so this lipstick is perfect for me because it has a great peachy nude shade. The lipstick also applies easily and smoothly, and it stays on for most of the day, but it does need some touching up. After eating and drinking I do need to reapply the lipstick like I would with pretty much every other regular lipstick. I do find the price a bit high, but the lipstick is high quality. If you like nude lipsticks, I would definitely recommend this one.

$15 at Winky Lux

Rate: 9/10


Stella Marina Lipstick

As I mentioned, I love nude lipsticks so I doubted that this color would look good on me, but it actually looked nice. The lipstick has a deep burgundy color with a hint of glitter. Like the Corallo lipstick, this one goes on smoothly and easily and it lasts most of the day. My only problem with this lipstick besides the price is that it was a little difficult to remove from my lips and it slightly stained my skin when I did the swatches. If you do purchase this lipstick, be aware that you will need a makeup remover to remove all of the lipstick.

$15 at Winky Lux

Rate: 7/10

Swatches of the two lipsticks from the Winky Lux Mariza Lip Kit
Left to Right: Corallo and Stella Marina


Overall, both of the lipsticks from the Winky Lux Marzia Lip Kit are nice, but I do prefer Corallo over Stella Marina.


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